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Official Xbox site - find out about the cars, tracks, car editor and more.

Some links my good friend, TTgowings has sent;
Forza Central - Forum for discussion about everything Forza :)
F40 & Nurburgring - Images and discussion about the Ferrari F40 and Nurburgring.
Forza Central Norm302's Forza Motorsport fansite.
Forza Central thread - Magny Cours - Forza Motorsport fansite
Msxbox World - Forza vs GT4 Comparison video of Laguna Seca, & discussion @ Forza Central
Xbox Japanese site update - Forza Central thread... Translation of the most recent Japanese Forza update at
2 lap replay of a Honda NSX-R at New York II. - Forza Central thread - (P)review of Forza Motorsport -Loadsa Screenshots
Forza Intro video more new screenshots
F355 video

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