The Winder

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A bit of a contraption, thought up after 11pm one Saturday night... 2 hours later I'd made my first coil :)

I was so excited at making this coil, I lost count somewhere after 130... I think there's about 180-200 turns. The counter was added the following morning.

The copper wire (enamelled) goes from the reel, around a fixed pully (fixed provides enough friction to tension the wire as it is wound onto the former.)

By turning the wheel with my right hand and guiding the wire with my left hand, a reasonably well formed coil can be made.

As the former turns, the arm on the opposite side to the wheel turns. Once every rotation, the arm pushes a rod that clicks a mouse button. The mouse pointer hovers over the coil counter page. The counter page is a DHTML webpage that increments a counter and displays the result when the mouse pointer is over it and a mouse button is clicked.

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