Coil Former

I wanted to make the coil winder versatile, so I could make different coils using the same system.

The core part of the design for the winder was the actual former the coil would be wound onto.
To make the system versatile would need some way of making the former easily made, replaced and fitted to the winder.

I came up with using the large 32 tooth Lego gears as the support for the former, measured the outer axle hole spacing and made the coil shape in Corel Draw.

The coil is shaped for a small alternator design using 1" x 1/4" bar magnets.

The coil design was printed off and laminated using plastic sheet and a laminator.

I've found that laminate sheet, sanded and 5 sheets stuck together with super glue makes a thin, strong and workable sheet.

The center peice of the former was made by shaping balsa wood, which was then wrapped in aluminuim ducting tape.

The end pieces each comprise of the full coil + center shape (5 glued thicknesses), and just the outer coil shape (4 thicknesses). The latter making a recess for the center piece to fit into.

I drilled holes through the peices and fitted the former between the gears... :)

Before I started winding, I also wrapped a piece of laminating plastic around the former center, and smothered the lot in silicone grease to prevent the glue used to hold the coil sticking the coil to the former.

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