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The inspiration for this constuction came from the 'Technic Rink Curved Middle' (part #32143) from set 8307 Turbo Racer.

6 of the curve sections parts make up a full circle. This ring was going to become a 'roller coaster'.

I figured out a way to attach the ring to regular Technic Lego.

I wanted to ring to tip, so that a roller coaster type car could travel around the ring. The red construction in the middle is to become the pivot.

The cross piece supports the ring and its frame, whilst being able to pivot in all directions. In the cross piece arms are similar pivots to mount the pneumatic linkages.

The stand (not the final version)

The cross piece mounted on the stand.

Stand, cross piece, and ring together... pneumatics to sort out next.

Pneumatics mounted and linked to the cross piece.

Close-up of the pneumatic mounting, the cylinders run the air switches that sequence the cylinders to continually pivot the ring.

Ideas for coaster cars.

Balancing the weight of the cars was difficult, too top heavy and guaranteed the cars would fly off the track. I settled with having the minifigures perched on 1x3 plates.

Rola Hula runs off my 8 pump air compressor.

Here is a short movie clip of the Rola Hula in action (.wmv 981kb)

Schematic for the pneumatic circuit.

More images in my Brickshelf folder

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