Mike the pneuMaggot - Piccies.

This is one a series of image I took to figure out the movement (see Planning for more details). Each pair of cylinders has its own switch & the switches are changes manually.

Here, I've reworked all of the pipework, and the 12 cylinders are now controlled by 2 switches.

This is the head, it incoporates 2 switches and mechanisms to change the switches automatically.

A close-up of the switching/pressure regulating mechanism. Because of the amount of cylinders used, the air compressor takes a short time to build up the air pressure. The mechanism only switches over when the air pressure is high enough.

Here the head is attached to the body, unfortunately the head is too heavy to allow proper body movement.

The auto switching works!

The wheel ratchet, allowing the wheels to go forward but not back.

Mike the pneuMaggot :)


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