Saturday, 31-01-2004

Still no construction progress with J5 :(
Life has been hectic this last few weeks... I do the 'househusband' thing.
How many 'housewives' are heating engineers, car mechanics, carpenters, household appliance engineers, computer software and hardware engineers, adn hold down a saturday job?
You name it, the last couple of weeks has challenged my variety of skills... and our central heating still need more work before it is full functional.

I have manged to build an air muscle, using polyester thread to weave the braided sleeve... a very long process that ended unsatisfactorally.
The air muscle was fine until I tested it!
A couple of pumps, with no load gave a disapointing length difference (only about 3 mm)...
... from a gap in the braided sleeve came a bubble, the tube inside had escaped!
before I could release the air pressure, the bubble burst :(
No more air muscle!

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