Thursday, 25-12-2003
Christmas Day

Merry Christmas.

Firstly I'd like to start this entry by remembering my children, Samantha and Matthew, who sadly are not with us.

My thoughts go out to everyone missing loved ones at this time of year.




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All Lego air actuator, motor, air switch and touch sensor. Modified compressor pressure sensor. J5's head... just the eye movement control to figure out.

The air actuator has a three position sensor, allowing an RCX to count the switch movements. The motor is linked directly to the air switch, and the arm that gives a touch sensor some input. The RXC program that controls the actuator, stops the motor when the air switch opens, giving enough time for the eyelid movement before returning to the off position.

Because of the length of the hoses used for J5's air systems, the compressor pressure sensor had to be modified to give increased stored pressure... there are 8 rubber bands on the air piston.
For the quantity of air that needs to be stored, the 2 Lego air tanks are too small, somewhere between 45 & 49 ml each... the storage needs to be greater and the pressure a bit lower (?)


J5's head, side. J5's head, rear. Each motor rotates each set of eyelids, the air piston flaps all 4 eyelids. Eye linkage close up.

The head is just about finished, the eyelids blink and rotate, the eyes are linked in left/right and up/down movement... the bar along the front of the top of the head slides to turn the eyes, or rotates to tilt the eyes. I'd like to link the eye movement with the eyelid movement... some more visualisation required for that step.


Eye linkage close up. J5's head, top. J5's upper body with the head piston air switches installed.

The air switches are mounted in the middle of the upper body, I'm going to try and connect them up, so that the head moves in relation to the angle of the body parts.


2 RCX's and loads of wires.

The left RCX runs the compressor and the eyelid blink movement via the actuator. The RCX on the right runs the eyelid rotation movement and the lip-lights.

Currently the RCX software for the left RCX makes J5 blink when a torch is shone at the light sensor.


A busy few days lays ahead, more on J5 next week.

Peace and goodwill to all.

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