Tuesday, 25-11-2003

What a day!
After loads of pressing 'play', 'power' and 'eject', the video recorder spat out the tape I'd recorded Short Circuit 2 on.
I prised out the record tab and put the tape back in...

Would it play?

The tape played!
I hit the record button on my computer's TV remote and began to record parts of the film onto my hard drive... personal use... simply to get the proportions of Johnny Five... no breach of copyright intended...
I've got some choice footage of Johnny five... now to capture the still frames to base some drawings on...


The TV card recorder playback proggy doesn't do still frame capture... I can pause the video recorder and then do a still frame from the TV card (like the Xbox gameplay images elsewhere on this website)... tis life... I'll give it a go later.

More good news... the Hobby Store (Bernard St. Southampton) had just what I was looking for... some clear flexible silicone tubing and some aluminium tubing.

The images below show the silicone and aluminium tubing. I've also fabricated a distribution block (1 in, 3 out), using a 1x4 brick, 1x4 plate, aluminium tube stuck together with B&Q Poly Power Glue... Bill & Bob have a long wait while the glue fully cures.

Click on a piccy to open in new window.

Whilst watching Short Circuit 2 again, I noticed that the top of Johnny Five's head pistons are ball joints... could a Technic ball be glued on the top af a pnematic piston?
Before I try that, there must be another way...

More on J5's lip lights... a pair of Light'n'Sound twin light units can be attached to one connector (opposite ways round) linked up to a motor port on a Mindstorms RCX to give a pair of flashing and a pair of steady lights... change direction on the RCX... the flashing set becomes steady and vice versa.

The lower right picture shows the prism bar inside Lego part no. 2500c01 - 'Electric Light & Sound Brick 1 x 8 with 3 Front Lights' see the peeron.com entry @ http://www.peeron.com/inv/parts/2500c01... the part this came from had already been well chewed by a small child or dog, so I cut it up :)

'Hurry on Sundown... See what tomorrow brings...' (Hawkwind)
The B&Q glue is good...
it does take a long time to cure fully...
I must wait til tomorrow...

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