Monday, 23-02-2004

Little progress with the magnet air switch idea, i need a thinner wire and more coils to move the magnet.

Little progress with the air pressure sensor, I think maybe I'll go for a small air muscle that makes a switch contact.

Mostly the last week or so, I've been building and testing air muscles... and managed to get some good data regarding pressure vs length.

why not just have a single air muscle pulling a lever against a rubber band... the lever moves a potentiometer... or even a sliding pot attached to the air muscle :)

Why not just have the sliding pot attached directly to the muscle end?

Over the next couple of weeks, i'll be constructing the arms... and trying to figure out the chassis.

I found a good Johnny Five site, the guy supplys resin model kits of Johnny Five, see: MilwaukeeMachineMan, a neat model and accurate detail... perfect for aiding my design :)

I've also been using for help with understanding magnets and electromagnetism in the design of an air switch.

Another concept that could be very useful...
recovery of already compressed air after it's been used...
instead of using a pump to make compressed air, use a piston with 2 switches...
one side of the piston draws and compresses fresh air, the other side of the piston draws from the used air in the system via a 'return' curcuit...
more tinkering :)

i'm already designing an inline non-return valve.

Hopefully the next entry will see a lot more build progress... i also found out that one of the pumps on my compressor was leaky, time to find more Lego pneumatic components!


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