Saturday, 22-11-2003

Went to work today to play with some cars :)

Real cars... I have a Saturday job delivering cars for National Alamo...
Easy work, great people (mostly), minimum wage... all the new car models :)

Fav cars I've driven at 'work'... 2.0 Petrol Turbo Skoda Octavia (auto) and Audi A6 1.9t, both have excellent road holding and surprising acceleration (say-no-more!).

The Ford Focus and Mondeo are pretty good too :)

Sorry... I got distracted remembering how much fun working can be.

ok... I managed to put together a tripod piston arrangement, the piccies are below.

This is the initial design rig for J5's neck and head, each piston is about 57mm in length (closed), the eye spacing is too close for the size of the neck...
...this is going to be a very big model!

Click on an image to open in new window.

You may notice a small yellow pipe connecting 2 rubber pipes, the yellow pipes are short pieces of technic styling tubes cut to length.

I've used a couple of pieces of the yellow pipe to make a T piece, sticking it together with some B&Q Poly Power Glue (resin stronger than Epoxy!)... needs a while to fully cure tho.

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