Thursday, 18-12-2003

A lot of rebuilding later...

The head is coming on ok, but is not quite there. The rotating neck joint needs tiding up and drive adding to it.

The piston mounts, top and bottom, work well... trouble is the whole test structure keeps falling over :(
Time to have a play with some Lego Znap :)

I've added captions for the images... sorry I didn't think of it sooner.

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Eyelid rotational movement, left and right side independant. The workings for the eyelids. Neck piston top mount.
Neck piston bottom mounts and turntable. Lower neck mounts.
Lip lights.

Some thoughts on the air compressor... visit Maplin for a micro switch to replace the Lego Mindstoms touch sensor, do away with the RCX, the power supply for the compressor motors goes through the micro switch.
Connect up 2 4.5v battery boxes in serial giving 9v and the air compressor becomes a independant module.
The RCX currently runs the lip lights and compressor. With the air compressor running indepenantly, the 2 free motor ports can then be used for the eyelid motors... keeping the head motor functions to 1 RCX.
I intend to use light sensors to provide eyelid position information... these should work well connected to the same RCX as the eyelid motors.

More thoughts on powering J5... a recharchable battery pack (or 2) would be cool...7x 1.2v= 9.6v... a little more than Lego's 9v, and only one way to find out... test it :)


J5 has an upper body of sorts, I built the basic shape out of Lego Znap, and used Technic to fix the neck to it... then I used some more Znap to make the upper body free standing... a lot more stable :)

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