Sunday, 16-11-2003

Last Sunday, the original Short Circuit film was on channel 5, and I couldn't tape it... the video recorder was broken :(
I still watched the film (and enjoyed it as much as the first time I saw it!) Whilst watching the film, an idea was beginning to form... and some of the Lego parts I might need for constructing a new J5 Lego robot.

The film Short Circuit 2 was on channel 5 today, I managed to get our video recorder working and taped the film. During the last week I've been bidding on ebay lego items... for the parts I think I'll need.

At 36, and having played with Lego for the last 32 years, I still hadn't experienced the Lego pneumatic kits... I found some Lego Dacta (educational) Technic Pneumatic kits for auction on Ebay, made a bid and won :)
I can't wait for the kits to get here!

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This page is part a diary of the design and build of my Lego Mindstorms robot J5 (based on Johnny Five from the film short Circuit.
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