Monday, 15-12-2003

The simple task of re-arranging the head piston mounts has involved rebuilding the lip-lights, the head frame and the eyelid mechanisms.

The whole neck arrangement has also been redesigned... allowing the head to rotate.

Now the piston mounts work... a very difficult task without the use of ball joints... the head frame is too chunky and in order to fit moving eyes and to strengthen the head frame structure, the lip lights and head frame need a workover.

Check out the images below for the eyelid movement, the left and right eyelids can be linked up to 2 motors to provide rotational movement, and a small pneumatic piston provides the power to move all 4 eyelids at the same time.

Click on a piccy to open in new window.

Yep, the movement for the eyelids has taken some time to figure out... not to mention 4 rebuilds... and they work a treat!
In the images, the small piston is connected to a manual pump... running off the compressor (01-12-2003) the eyelids can be made to blink about as fast as I can move the switch.

The next task is to rebuild and strengthen the head frame, whilst being able to fit the eyelids, moving eyes, eyelid motors and lip lights... I'm not sure yet how the eyes will be powered.

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