Tuesday, 13-01-2004

Still no construction progress with J5...
I've been persuing the air muscle idea, and now have a working 'Lego' air muscle!

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This is a prototype design and does need some improvement, ideally the air pressure required for the muscle shown above should be much greater than the Lego Pneumatics can provide... the Lego Pneumatic pump has a safety valve in it, which in the test shown above means the the muscle was not full contracted.
Caution: Air hoses can pop off and whip under extreme pressure!

The red block on the end of the 'lifting arm' is a Lego weight brick (6x2x2) weighing about 50g and is easliy lifted by the muscle.

Currently the air muscle gets about 12mm shorter (no load) when fully expanded, most commercial air muscles get about 30% shorter... this means I can chop some of the length off of the tube and braiding and have a shorter muscle that will do the same as above (I hope!)

The improved muscle, build instructions and test results can all be found on my Lego Air Muscle page.

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Over the last week or so, I received some more Lego Znap and some NdFeB (neodynium or rare earth) magnets. The Znap is for J5's body... and the magnets... part of an air actuator :)

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