Moday, 08-12-2003

A lot can happen in a week...
I've beek building a work station (out of wood!) to use for my Lego building endeavours, it pleases my wife that we no longer have a Lego mountain in the lounge :)

I've also received a fair bit of Lego over the last couple of weeks and have to put some time in sorting it out.

J5 now has a better arrangement for the head piston mounts, however the neck piston mounts are proving to be a pain (in the neck... lol)

I now have a solution to grabbing stills from Short Circuit 2... a new video... and will be making some drawings of Johnny 5 to get the proportions of his body.

I found a small pneumatic piston in some Lego I got last week... an ideal solution to making the eyelids flap open and closed, the main rotary movement of the eyelids will come from 2 9v technic mini motors connected to an RCX... I'd also like to make J5's eyes have some movement.

I've done some drawings of Johnny Five from the still frame capture images.
To make the drawings, I imported the images into Corel Draw and traced around the edges of Johnny Five. Once traced, the original images were deleted and the outlines were left.

Click on a piccy to open in new window.

J5's tracks are going to be massive and a real challenge to acheive with Lego... and the rear dolly wheels need to be big aswell.

Time to go and sort some Lego... and try to think of a way of building J5's lower neck.

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