J5t was inspired by Johnny Five (Short Circuit), and built using Lego and the Lego Mindstorms RCX, motors and sensors.

The first working model (over a year ago) was a little boring, it could be driven around using the remote control from the expansion pack, it would bump into things and turn around, but it couldn't do much else.

Over the last six months, what was a childhood hobby has now launched into a full time pre-occupation. In search of parts, I bought Lego in the shops, from the local free ad paper, and over the internet.

It's not until you have 50 or so kgs of Lego in front of you that you can begin to understand the potential. And after sorting this mega pile of bricks down, finding unusual parts, tracking their sets via and inventories via that the full potential of Lego can be realised.

Over the easter holidays, I took my family to Legoland (Windsor)... the kids loved it... and I had the opportunity to see what Lego is really about. Legoland opened my eyes to the building styles and composition of the models in the park.

So there's the blurb and how good Lego is... back to J5t... after loads of rebuilds and recoding, J5t was complete. A sort of Johnny Five look-a-like with a sting... today (22/5/03) I finally got a cool control system working.

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