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After buying a bulk load of Lego a while ago, I found there were a lot of mis-matched torsos, legs and heads. Having all of the parts stood on a big base board made life difficult trying to see the torso print designs, and the heads kept escaping!

What I needed was a box or shelving system that would hold the minifigurs, torsos and legs as well as somewhere to store the heads. Here's what I came up with...

A complete free-standing box that doesn't look too bad. The lid opens.
Each front-side is hinged and can open out.
The head storage area is hinged too.
And here's the store opened out... just in time for some more sorting.

All together, there's storage for 72 heads, and 22 shelves for minifigures. Each shelf will hold 7 minifigures with back packs or 10 without backpacks. Each shelf is removable, and so is each head mount... a built-in drawer system for hats, weapons and accessories would be useful.