We have 2 fiction writers to thank for the terms 'robots' and 'robotics'.

Czech playwright, author & journalist, Karel Capek (1890-1938), first used the word 'robot' in his play RUR, Rossum's Universal Robots written in 1920.
In Czech and English, Dominik Zunt's Karel Capek website presents a biography, exerpts from books, list of works, photos and more.

The quintessential author, Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), coined the term 'robotics' and culminated some of his earlier works into "Runaround", a story about robots in which the 3 laws of robotics are defined. The laws of robotics, relate to the ethics of robots as opposed to their physical state.
See the 'Isaac Asimov Home Page', and find out what made Isaac Asimov one of our greatest authors.

The ROVer Ranch part of the NASA Johnson Space Center Learning Technologies Project has a short history of robotics. At the ROVer Ranch, you can also virtually build, programme and test your own design of robot.

A good place to start, for more modern robots and robotic technology, is The Robotics Institute (est. 1979) at Carnegie Mellon University PA... take a look at some of their past and current projects... amazing

The Robot Hall of Fame recognises excellence in design and accomplishment inspired by robots fictional or real...
...the purpose of being honoured is to inspire scientists & devlopers as to how we'd like robots to interact with humans in the future.
If you've never heard of Short Circuit, or Johnny Five (more info @ go rent the video/DVD and nominate Johnny Five for an honour in the Robot Hall of Fame... today.

For Lego enthusiasts :) start at; Find out how plastic bricks and a little technology can bring your imagination to life

For modern civilisation, robots and robotics have become part of our everyday lives, from assembly plants to ATMs, robots and smart technology help us to enjoy the lifestyles we lead today.

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