Bio Fuels

Bio mass energy

Raw Bio Mass

burned as is

can be converted by high temps into a gas (mix of hydrogen, CO & methane) which fuels a turbine generating electricity

organic material can be 'composted' with a raised temperature to release methane, which can be used as a fuel.

Bio Diesel


Biodiesel is an organic replacement for petroleum diesel using vegetable oils.
In many intances, an engine that runs on Diesel will run on Biodiesel without any modification... as long as the fuel has been properly prepared.
Vegetable oil is chemically modified by transestrification to produce an alkyl ester that has a similar viscosity and properties to petroluem diesel.

Biodiesel feedstocks

More studies have shown that certain types of algae yield as much as 50% of their mass as oil that can be used as feedstock for Biodiesel.

Ethanol & Methanol

Alcohols that can be used as fuel, more commonly added to other fuel to reduce harmful emmissions

Methanol can be made from methane, the methane converted to methanol in a gasifaction process.

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