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With talk of 'Peak Oil' happening within 10 - 14 years, renewable energy sources and efficient means of collecting and converting that energy to best suit our lifesyles is a worry to some people. The topics and links in the Renewable Energy section of covers a wide range of sources, devices and ideas.

Of course, there's no need to worry, the Jehovah's Witnesses have the answer...
Exerpt from Awake, November 8 2003
"Happily, the future of oil - and, indeed, of all sources of energy - is not in the hands of the nations. Ultimately, it is in the hands of earth's Creator and Caretaker, Jehovah God, who has promised that soon every environmental and social problem related to the use and abuse of the earth's resources will disappear (Revelation 4:11) As the Bible states, the time is near when God will 'bring to ruin those ruling the earth.' Righteous rulership by god will result in 'a new heaven and a new earth.' a world without selfish exploitation and injustice, where the resources of the earth will be used alturistically for the benefit of all obedient humankind. - Revelation 11:18; 21:1-4."

I like to think this means...
in the words of Wolfie Smith (a.k.a. BBC's Citizen Smith)...
"Power to the people!"


Wind power

Wind power as a renewable source of energy is becoming ever more popular. Explore the different possibilities of wind power, and find out how you can build a wind generator from scratch.
Click here to view the Wind Power section.


Water Power
(Hydro power)

Discover how water can be used to provide power, both electrical and mechanical. Water power has been with us for many centuries, how is it used today, and how can it be used in the future?
Click here to view the Water (hydro) Power section.



An alternator is the core of a generator, and can take many forms depending on the speed and power output needed. Without an alternator, making electricity from wind or water power would be very difficult.
Click here to view the Alternator section.


Solar Power

Solar panels containing loads of photovoltaic (PV) cells generates electricity in sunlight, but what other uses can Solar power be put to?
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(Bio Fuels)

Can the World's transportation run on Biodiesel?
Does our planet have enough room to grow the feed stocks for Bio fuels?
Discover the answers, how you can make your own bio fuels and more.
Click here to view the Bio Fuels section.



Note: the devices and machines described in the Homebrew Science section all have potential hazards in their construction...
I provide no assurances as to your wellbeing should you choose to try replicating anything you find on
A sensible approach to safety is advised!