Intro to My Projcts

Some have said, "Paul, you have too much time on your hands."
Some have said, "Paul, you follow one fad then another.".
Others have said "That's amazing!"
This section of contains my ideas and projects. I have a gut feeling about future generations power needs and how our actions now will affect our children and grandchildren.

I have no higher qualifications in any field, 9 'O' levels and 1 'A/O' to my name. Life has dealt me some cruel blows which now in my mid 30's I am just starting to overcome.

I would like to thank my wife, Brenda, for helping me through some very troubled years, and allowing my to persue my interest in building a better future for everyone's children.

Use the links to the left to view each project.

Please remember, your safety is your responsiblity should you choose to replicate
anything you find on

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