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This section of is an ongoing project, inspired by my love of technology and the power of the internet. It has only been in the last few years that we have been able to gain the knowledge stored in paper books at the click of a mouse from our homes. From here, the knowledge of top professors, the experience of home engineers and the speculation of philosophers can enlighten you. There may be some wierd concepts and devices, you'll find alot of devices that can be made at home and that produce, conserve or reuse energy.

I recommend you to visit Elana's 'Ghost town' picture diary of Chernobyl, where a nuclear power plant melted down in 1986. A simple but chilling series of images to remind us why we should protect our children's future by using and developing renewable energy resources.


Renewable Energy

Will the world's oil reserves run out in our lifetime? Discover how easily renewable energy sources can be used.
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Air powered

A car running on compressed air! Whatever next?
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Magnets, magnetism and electromagnetism... fun to explore and experiment with.
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All sorts of robotics links.
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My projects

In this section are my projects, completed and ongoing. All are small scale and can be replicated at home... remember... safety first!
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Homebrew Science Links

The links section contains links to information that has helped me in all my different projects. Enjoy.
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Home  Homebrew Science


Note: the devices and machines described in the Homebrew Science section all have potential hazards in their construction and use... I provide no assurances as to your wellbeing should you choose to try replicating anything you find on
A sensible approach to safety is advised!

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