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We had a sad loss recently. Ginger, from Mitzy's first litter escaped and never returned... absolutly no sign of her :(

Out came the cardoard box again... Jack and Mitzy did their thing and sometime between 1am and 7am 1st September 2005 the babies were born.

1st September 05 - Picture taken at 20:15, babies are less than 24 hours old

Mitzy was interested in coming out in her ball tonight so we grabbed the opportunity to get a piccy. At most the babies are just over 19 hours old.
It looks like there's still some afterbirth on the wood chip and some of the babies still have bits of umbilical cord attached to them. Even at this early age, the babies have teeth and claws.
There's a big size difference between the babies, the biggest is nearly double the size of the smallest.
We counted 12 babies, but there could be 1 or 2 underneath.

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