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10th Feb 05 - Babies, 8 days old.

Growing fast.

11th Feb 05 - Babies, 9 days old.

There's 10 babies in this shot... we'll be finding out how many babies there are tomorrow. Mizty (mum) is comfortable with us around the cage and viewing the nest... we should be ok to clean out the cage tomorrow and get a head count.

11th Feb 05 - Chow time

The babies can start eating solid food from around 7 days. The babies are now about 45mm (1 4/5") long, and their fur is taking colour.

12th Feb 05 - Babies, 10 days old

We mostly cleaned out the cage today, leaving the wood shavings that made up the nest so we wouldn't disturb the babies.

Mum seemed a bit fretful as we cleaned out the cage so we didn't take the babies out, so we'll see how it goes later tomorrow. The plan is to scoop out each baby in turn, weigh them and take individual piccies.

A couple of the babies are starting to open their eyes, and their fur is growing quick.

12th Feb 05 - Stretched o u t

This baby is approx. 48mm long. We have a minimum head count of 10 so far. We don't think there are more... but... there maybe!

12th Feb 05 - Cute or what?

Even at this young age and with such tiny paws, the babies have no trouble picking up food and eating it.

13th Feb 05 - 11 days old and adventurous.

This afternoon 3 or 4 of the babies have been out and about, exploring their world. They can get about the cage and find their way back to the nest... if mum doesn't pick them up first.

We took the babies from the nest today, counted, weighed and photographed them before returning them to the nest... there's 10 babies all together, click here to see them.

This evening more babies have been exploring the cage. They can find their own way back to the nest with no probs, we even saw one bury thru the nest wall to get home!

Over the past week, we've been able to observe the baby hamsters' behaviour. Ususally when we first uncover the nest the babies are sleeping in a heap in a hollow in the wood shavings. Within minutes, presumably as the topmost babies cool off, the baby hamsters start to bury under each other. Amusing to watch, but a sign they are getting cold an uncomfortable... this is when we reasemble the cage, and let mum back to her babies.

14th Feb 05 - Babies, 12 days old.

The babies are getting bigger (still!) and are quite active when they're not sleeping.

14th Feb 05 - A busy mum.

We spotted a baby out and about, then mum came out for some milk... she's not spotted the baby (upper right). The baby appears to be visiting the toilet corner... curiosity or purpose?

14th Feb 05 -

The baby crossed mum's path on the way back to the nest... in this piccie, Mitzy is picking up the baby in her mouth. The babies are exploring alot now, we've seen 2 at a time out on more than one occasion. Mitzy spends alot of time returning the babies to the nest.

15th Feb 05 - 13 days old

The babies have been very active today, 4 or more at a time have been out of the nest. Mitzy has been busy chasing the babies around trying to keep them in the nest. The babies can find their way around the cage just fine, all that we have seen can find their way back to the nest.

15th Feb 05 - Boy or girl?

The baby hamster in the piccie is female, and 2 rows of nipples can be seen, males are different and have no noticeable nipples.

15th Feb 05 - A contented girl

The babies already seem to be happy being handled... this is the baby in the image above, happily munching away.

16th Feb 05 - Tasty?

The babies are now 14 days old, they are all very active, they know their way around the cage, and they appear to be using the toilt corner for it's intended purpose

We have been leaving a small bowl of milk in the cage, mainly for mum, but the babies have all been having a sample... mitzy often drops food into the milk, seemingly to soften it.

16th Feb 05 - food 8))

We are handling the babies on a regular basis now, they are happy, as long as there's food nearby.

It's been an interesting time for all the family so far, my wife and children have their favourites... it will be a shame to see them go in a couple of weeks. My daughter has a couple of friend who are interested in a hamster, and a local pet shop is interested in the rest. If anyone viewing this page is interested in a hamster, and can collect from Southampton, England, email

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