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Welcome to the world

A few days ago (2nd Feb 2005) our family were blessed with some new additions!
My children have a pet Syrian hamster each, one male and one female. The hamsters live apart... a few weeks ago I found an empty cardboard box and left the 2 hamsters alone for 10 minutes or so ;)

The result, 16 days later, about 10 babies (maybe 12)... here's a few pics.

Jack - the proud father.

Mum smells food

A nutritional sunflower seed disappears.

Hamsers enjoy a varied diet, shop bought food and treats, seeds, nuts, greens, carrots and even milk and cheese. As with all things tho, there can be too much of a good thing... sunflower seeds are a treat for a hamster and like chocolate for us humans over indulgence can lead to weight probs.

6th Feb 05 - The babies, 4 days old

When the babies were born they were about 15mm (5/8") long, in the piccy above, the babies are about 20mm (1 5/6") long... they're growing fast.

A close-up, maybe 8 or 9 babies in shot.

7th Feb 05 - The Babies, 5 days old... still no idea how many yet.

8th Feb 05 - The Babies, 6 days old... at least 8 babies.

9th Feb 05 - The Babies, 7 days old... we counted 10 babies, but there may be more hidden underneath.

Here the babies are about 30mm (1 1/4") long... they've doubled in size in a week!

We haven't yet handled the babies. Mum Mitzy goes for a run in her ball around the same time each evening, enabling us to quickly check the nest and get a few piccies.

9th Feb 05 - The babies have a fine covering of fur. They are still blind, we expect their eyes to open around the 12th.

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