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For Children in Need this year, I'm spending the day in drag. You can sponsor me via PayPal (i'll pick up the paypal charges so all of your money goes to Children in Need email me for info) or you can donate via the BBC website.

The BBC Children in Need appeal raises money for charities or projects that work to improve the lives of children and young people throughout the UK.
For more info visit Children in Need.




New Xbox Live PGR2 Last Man Standing website




Video Browser - to start with, loadsa Xbox PGR2 videos and as I revamp my site, footage relating to other sections of
Start Here




Answers from Xbox support - I heard rumours about Xbox Live for the regular Xbox would be discontinued sometime 2007, & wanted to know if PGR2 would be available on the Xbox 360...Read more here.




Microsoft Xbox stripdown & cleanup.
Stripping down the Microsoft Xbox and giving it a clean... here's how - step by step with piccies.




Microsoft Xbox S Controller
Ever have a thumbstick on the Microsoft Xbox S controller lose it's centering ability?
I did, so I repaired the's how - step by step with piccies.




Rola Hula
A Lego Pneumatic powered never ending roller coaster.
More info here.




A Lego Pneumatic biped skating bot.
More info here.




'One Step'
A 6 leg walking pneumatic bot that moves each foot in turn then moves the body.
More info here.




Mike the pneuMaggot
A crawling penumatic creation nearly 1.4m long.
Click here to find out more.




'Lego Technic Pneumatic air compressor'
Needing more air for a large Lego Pneumatic project, I made an air compressor with 2 motors and 8 small pumps.
More info here.



BBC Children in Need appeal 2005

I had my head and beard shaved to raise money for the Children in Need appeal 2005. Piccies here.

The BBC Children in Need appeal raises money for charities or projects that work to improve the lives of children and young people throughout the UK.
For more info visit Children in Need.




'Lego Technic weight driven generator'
I had this idea kicking around for a while, & I fianlly made something...a weight drives an alternator thru a pulley & gear system to generate electricity to power a LED and put some charge into a battery.
More info here.



How Many???
Yet more baby hamsters, born somewhen between 01:00 & 07:00 BST (GMT +1) 1st September 2005. First picture at less than one day old... Yet More Baby hamsters.


Check out the Lego section, you'll find a few models (with instructions), links, and more.

Oooh... a Diamagnetic levitation jig, made from Lego Technic and few other things :)

My ongoing Lego project is the all new J5... and a diary of the build progress of the robot inspired by Johnny Five of Short Circuit fame, using Lego Technic and Lego Mindstorms... see below for more info.

Minifigure Storage - made from Lego

My Xbox Live friend TTgowings has setup his own Blog site, to keep us all informed of Xbox console and game news.
Click here and check it out.
Check out TT's PGR3 site ;)

The Homebrew science section? Who knows what you'll find... there's some wierd stuff out there!


More Hamsters

2nd Feb 2005 - Mitzy had babies... here's a few pics.
Baby hamsters.


25th April 2005 - Mitzy had more babies... here's a few pics.
More Baby hamsters.


Lego 4 sale

New and used Lego for sale, by auction, at,
click here to view the current items.



Interested in technology? In this section you'll find all sorts of science and machines, some useful, some homemade and even more asmadasulike.
There's robots, magnetism, electromagnetism, flying electric generators... check out the air powered car!
More will be added to this section as I complete projects.
Click here to view the Homebrew science section.


Znap coil winder
with counter.

A manual coil wider for making coils for electromagnets or alternators, uses a PC mouse as a counter.


levitation jig

Levitating magnets with a jig made of Lego, bismuth and NdFeB magnets.

Click here to find out more about diamagnetic levitaion and the jig.



Ongoing Project!

Step by step diary of my latest Johnny Five Lego robot... the design stages, testing ideas and more, including Pneumatic and Mindstorms lego.
Sorry, I've not done much with J5 lately... I found ways of making electricity using Lego, magnets and copper wire (see the homebrew science section).
Click here to find out more about the all new J5.



Lego links, models, an air muscle and more.

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Made a while ago, J5t is my first Johnny Five style Lego Mindstorms robot, he changes shape and can fire guns!
Click here to find out more about J5t.


Lego wants

If there's any particular Lego part you need, send the details to,
please use the subject part wanted as all other emails to this address will be automatically deleted.



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Something - An experimental placeholder page for something that I may think of to add to my website


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